Development of Metal Packaging under Circular Economy (…

In recent years, circular economy has gradually become a new economic trend and trend in developed countries. Circular economy is an economic development model that promotes harmony and harmony between man and nature. In today’s mankind’s efforts to improve extensive economic growth

Product Innovation Based on Commercialization (I)

Abstract: Starting from creating a product image and taking the commercialized design concept as the yardstick, it is a new innovative design concept with market as the center. It is an innovative theory to develop product innovation design ideas based on commercialization, and it needs to be ver

Siegwerk introduces new packaging laser printing ink

Information on product packaging, such as shelf life, price, barcode, national or language statements, etc., need to meet more and more packaging requirements. In the past, white or other light-colored packaging, laser printing code is difficult to see, and sometimes only use some high-end equipme

French Russell Packaging Design Works Appreciation (3)

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Waste aluminum foil recycling technology

Waste aluminum foil recycling technology has been successfully developed in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China. This technology will alleviate the environmental pollution caused by waste aluminum foil. Aluminum foil composite paper is widely used in product packaging of cigarette factories, food

How to protect plates

In the printing and printing process, the printing plate is affected by physical factors, chemical factors, process conditions and process operations, and the printing plate is protected. This will reduce the printing durability, shorten the service life, and affect the quality of printed products

Zhangjiagang Deshun launches cost-effective packaging m…

Recently, Zhangjiagang City Deshun Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced to the market a cost-effective improved automatic film sealing and shrinking packaging machine - DS-A400-I. The machine successfully integrated the latest cutting knife technology from Deshun and the new bottle-pushing device, resul